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Old 01-05-2017, 11:06 PM   #1
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Default Cleric-Holy Warrior

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here...

I have loaded the Cleric-Holy Warrior template from Dungeon Fantasy as the new character being built. I have been given the Advantage Boost axe/mace 4
And selected the appropriate shill 'axe/mace'.

The CA is telling me that the pre-requisites for the template are not being met and that I still need the advantage boost axe/mace 4 AND it is telling me that boost axe/mace taboo exists for boost axe/mace.

I cannot find in any resource any advantage called "boost". Also in the printed version of the template, DF 3 pp 22, there is no mention of this "adv boost/axe mace".
Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Cleric-Holy Warrior

The "Boost Axe/Mace" and similar advantages are used as "dummy" traits within GCA in order to add a bonus to an existing trait. Usually they are intended to be added by GCA to give the particular bonus, but the user can remove them and directly add the points to the target trait; in this case you'd remove "Boost Axe/Mace" and give the 4 points to the Axe/Mace skill.

While the current release version of GCA handles this better, older versions of GCA didn't and these dummy traits were used a lot. Unfortunately, some of the data files weren't updated to get rid of these dummy traits.

In addition to all of that, this particular template actually has a bug in it. It's not properly adding the 'Shtick (Foes slain personally can't rise as undead)' Perk.

The best way to fix all of this is to remove the "Boost Axe/Mace" advantage and give the 4 points to the Axe/Mace skill. Add the Shtick, then either ignore or Edit the Cleric-Holy Warrior needs tag deleting the entire contents of it.

This should all be working much better in the next Data Update we do.
Eric B. Smith GURPS Data File Coordinator
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