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Default Combat racing

In responce to a post on another board, I thought of how to prevent a combat race scenario from becoming a simple war. (I could have posted this on Car Wars, but it can be used for any system.)

If you have a small field and a big race track, then there's a simple, but non-obvious solution. Start the cars equally spaced around the track--and the track's twisty enough that no one has a clear line of sight at the start. You have to change the distance--close or fall back--to shoot. Give each car a gps position on every other car, so you don't need hidden movement, and they can plan tactics on the go. Perhaps have some lines of sight across the infield between obstacles for snap shots. Frequent sharp turns make people need good maneuverability.

Now, when someone starts getting close, there's snap shots at briefly glimpsed targets, getting into more sustained fire on the straitaways as the distance closes even more. You could even provide two different routes--equal distance, but allowing for merges--increasing the chances for needing side firing weapons. Alternatively, one route could be shorter, but windier. The diverged routes should only be a fairly short part of the route. If the race is on a figure eight, then there can be collisions at the interesection--or it can be an overpass/underpass for difficult deflection shots.

Ban dropped weapons that are a hazard for more than a few seconds. Mines need to detonate after 5 secnds, flaming oil needs to be consumed within that much time (special mix for set burn time) no spikes (except explosive that detonate after 5 seconds, even if untouched) or junk droppers, etc. Now RACING becomes important along with combat.

The rules might require that the vehicle have a mimimum range of X at a set speed of Y, forcing them to build machines that can make the specs.

Weapons--depends on your base setting. One thing that might be very dramatic--the spar torpedo. It's a stick with a bomb on the end of it, used in the American Civil War era. Modern tech, it's got a shaped charge--and would do hellacious damage if you land it, because it's almost all bomb, with just a supporting stick. But you have to get CLOSE!

Another good lightweight weapon might be a shaped charge on the rear of the car, for detering ramming attacks.

LAW's externally mounted--don't take interior space, very deadly, but inaccurate, since they're welded in place. In a post apocylapse setting, also unreliable.
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