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Default Dark Camelot?

I'm in a round-robin AD&D (1e/2e mixture) game that's set in the Forgotten Realms nearish Waterdeep...

I'm supposed to be running a game in October, they generally last all weekend long, from late friday night until Sunday afternoon...And I'm thinking of having the PCs' small fortress being enveloped by fog, only to have them find themselves in similar, yet different terrain, and being begged for help by a squire whose knight was attacked by brigands that he claims was in the employ of the king (there aren't really any kings in the area where the PCs are based out of)...

long story short, I'm thinking of transporting them to another world, one where Mordred was successful in usurping Arthur's throne, though it's rumored that Arthur is yet alive somewhere...It would be a dark Britain, one where Mordred rules with an iron fist and his mother, Morganna works dark magics to help keep him on the throne, one where the knights of the round table are seen as murdering thugs (the ones who were loyal to Arthur are either dead, in hiding, or scattered to the winds looking for Arthur, Launcelot, and Guinevere...)

However, I'm drawing short of a decent enough adventure...perhaps the knight who was attacked was transporting something of import and it was stolen, requiring the PCs to bust into the castle of a knight of the Round Table to retrieve said item...But, what to make the maguffin?

I'm not looking at deposing Mordred at this time, I think I'd like to make this something the PCs return to from time to time...
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