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Old 07-06-2022, 01:24 PM   #9
Philip Villarreal
Warehouse 23
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Default Re: New Shopify Store!

Originally Posted by Kallatari View Post
Can you re-add the feature that allows you to chose how many items appear on the page at once. When looking for a specific product, the current setup is not really an issue. But when just doing some general browsing to see what might interest me and wanting to compare between a few products, I find it's much easier to browse with, for example, 3 pages of 100 items each than with 30 pages of 10 items each. I believe the current (old?) Warehouse 23 let you choose between 24, 48, or 73 items for example. That same flexibility would be good.
Added the option, you should be able to choose 12 24 36 or 48 now

The same applies for the search of your existing library... in my case, it's now spread over 18 pages, so finding something there would involve a lot of clicking back and forth to find it. The current system is all on one page, which works great. I suspect this issue can get resolved jointly with the request made by others to allow sorting/searching by titles of individual products, etc., and not just receipt number/date
Yep still working on that, it's a little more involved.
Philip Villarreal
Warehouse 23 Manager
Steve Jackson Games
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