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Default Re: Real-Life Weirdness

Originally Posted by Dalillama View Post
The body is under... the bombing range? A table purchased at a charity shop has a message painted on the bottom saying that the body is buried at a particular set of coordinates. These coordinates turn out to be a bomb testing range near a Florida Air Force base, so checking for a body is a bit problematic.
Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Sounds like either a joke/prank by a previous owner of the table or possibly part of some "solve the mystery" game - maybe the players were intended to look up the location on Google Maps, see the Star of David off a bit to the west, and use that as a clue for the next phase of the mystery?

For campaign purposes, you'd want the body to be of interest due to it carrying some documents/MacGuffin/whatever, such that the PC's don't have the option of notifying the authorities to halt testing and dig it up (or, as I assume is the case in real life, the authorities simply don't believe there's anything there). Then they've got to sneak onto a military base, hoping there aren't any bombing tests planned, and dig up the body themselves.
As a cranky old guy, I'll note that I don't see the "N" or "W" the article claims in the picture. So it describes four different locations. The southern ones are in the Pacific and Indian oceans not near any land, but the the "N" "E" one is in India, north of Lucknow.

Which is the sort of insight you'd get in a campaign or an action movie. Cue the line crossing a map montage...
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