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Default Re: Martial Arts training armor for a combat skill?

Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post

I can one arm curl 60 pounds, am the second strongest person I've met in my limited personal experience, yet according to many here qualify for ST 10 only.
Originally Posted by Gnome View Post

I don't know of any rules for one arm curls, but if we call that a 2 second one-handed lift, then that gives you a BL of 30 lbs, or a ST of about 12 or 13, somewhere between "above average" and "exceptional." Sounds about right based on your self-description of 2nd strongest person you've met!
OK first of all it's an overhead lift*, on handed = BL, are you lifting 60lb over your hard with a curl or are these the normal standing bicep curls, weight up to shoulder and down to thigh? or sitting curls? or even tricep curls

Thing is can you do 60lb one arm curls from practice and doing lots of weights, you probable qualify for some king of arm/lift St, and lift skill in there.

Can you do it all day with out effort, or are you using some extra effort in there (even if it's not 1 FP per curl)?

Are you know for general strength or your ability to do 60lb arm curls?

and so on, and so on.

I.e even in GURPS that simplifies this (and isn't really designed to model going to the gym or working out) it's not just a case of Feat X = Stat of Y.

Not saying your not above average ST of course, and if you're known for your general strength in you circle you're probably not ST10.


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