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Default experience rolls

in the old TFT rule allow 10 exp for any "not trivial" 4d saving roll

if the saving roll is 5d/ST-DX -IQ the exp points are 20

if someone disarms a trap rolling 6d/DX he gains 30 exp... and so on.

Is this mantained also under the new rules?

if yes, does this apply during combat ? for example when a Hero rolls 6d/DX and hits an enemy master is Sword making DEFEND

PS sorry if this topic has been already discussed
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Default Re: experience rolls

It was an ITL rule and we don't have the new ITL draft yet, but the last draft Steve posted here of new ITL experience suggested dropping all detailed tracking of events for experience, and just giving out a GM-discretioned amount of experience per session, so it looks like no more experience for die rolls.

In the old TFT, no you wouldn't award experience for rolls made during combat, unless maybe they were for something not about the fighting that would have been given experience for outside of combat.
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