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Default Adventure Seeds

!Professor Shelley Needs Parts!

The notorious necromancer Professor Shelley needs additional parts for their latest project. The reward? Money, of course, as well as a cache of rare spell scrolls, possibly including some from GURPS Magic: Death Spells or GURPS Magic: Artillery Spells. The price? An arm and a leg... literally.

Shelley can provide the party with the location of the lair of a monster whose pieces would be suitable, but honestly any ST 17+ humanoid parts would do for their work...

(Limbs are heavy - for an ST 17-20 humanoid, assume about 15 lbs for an arm and 45 lbs for a leg - and require preservation through Survival, Alchemy, or Pharmacy; roll daily at +3, -1 per day that's passed since the previous owner passed on; failure means it's rotted too much to be useful. Creative parties with a Barbarian in the ranks may decide to save themselves the trouble of schlepping 60 lbs of meat cross-country...)
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Default Re: Adventure Seeds

Against the Giants

A small elite team of Iceweasels broke into a poorly defended castle, killed the Baroness, looted the treasury, and murdered everyone else they found there, defiling the corpses in unsettling ways. [1]

They have retreated into the frost lands, but a retaliatory raid is called for, and the PC's are just the folks to do it. Dimunition potions so the PCs can follow the little blighters into their lair will be provided, but be sure to exit before they expire or are dispelled.

Note that the weasels have converted many of the looted body parts into creepy magic items, including creepy human-skin armor that gives extra resistance to attacks made by humans, sling bullets of human slaying, etc.

[1] They took everyone's teeth, and several folks were inexpertly skinned and/or butchered.
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Black Leviathan
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Default Re: Adventure Seeds

Troops are massing in Starter Village, tents going up every where as the Duke's soldiers mount either a defense or an invasion.

The player characters are rousted by the town sheriff and hauled into the lord's estate where they meet the Duke, traveling secretly amidst his forces. The Duke talks vaguely about a dire threat to the lands that only the players are able to save the good people of Fantasy Kingdom from and if they would undertake the quest his gratitude would be of a substantial measure. He wants the players to meet his Captain in the encampment.

The Captain is a no-nonsense soldier holding court with his officers and military advisors. He explains that a Wizard of some renown was studying an older ruin in the neighboring valley. About a month ago there was some kind of explosion and now the ruins are glowing with an energy of some kind. A militia unit was sent to investigate but didn't return, witnesses in the surrounding wood heard what they described as a huge magical battle, but there are no witnesses. The captain wants a smaller force better equipped at covert entry to investigate the ruins while carrying a scrying lens go gain some strategic intel. All he needs them to do is find a way into the ruins, find out what's going on and if possible leave the lens where it can view the area and escape. If the Player characters will take on the mission he has some items that might help them.
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