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David Johnston2
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Default Alpha Centauri City Stats

Population: Consult AC 122


Arctic: The Alpha Centauri maps don't actually show glaciated terrain but land at the top and bottom of the map might be considered to be Arctic.

Mountain: Bases built on Mount Planet or Pholus Ridge are Mountain. So are any bases built on rolling terrain on Level 3 or on new volcanos

Desert: Uranium Flats, The Dunes, and the Unity Wreckage are all Desert.

Island/Beach: Any base built on a coastline or one square landmass unless it's wet and flat.

Swamp: Wet flat areas that are coastal or have a river running through them are Swamp.

Jungle: The Monsoon Jungle is the only Jungle on Planet.

Plains: Flat terrain that isn't Swamp or Desert.

Woodland: Forest terrain.

Hive land bases are Underground. Others are sealed


A base that has gone through a Golden Age gets +1 Appearance. Bases that have been captured by military force and haven't been fully assimilated get a -1 Appearance. Bases that are producing Pollution get -1 Appearance. Severe Pollution (over 20) gives -2 Appearance Believer, Gaian, Peacekeeper, and University bases get +1 Appearance. Hive, and Drone bases get -1 Appearance. Progenitor Bases get -2 Appearance to human eyes. Bases with Punishment Spheres get -1 Appearance. Bases which play host to The Weather Paradigm, The Xenoempathy Dome, Ascetic Virtues, or the Telepathic Matrix get +1 Appearance. The maximum or minimum is +3 or -3.


Efficiency of -2 or less lowers Hygiene by 1. Efficiency of +2 raises Hygiene by 1. TL 9+ raises Hygiene by 1. A food deficit lowers Hygiene by 1. Actual starvation lowers Hygiene by 2. The Human Genome Project raises Hygiene by 1 for all of a faction's bases. Drone rioting lowers Hygiene by 1.

Tech Level

The initial bases start at TL 8/9.


Apart from the faction's average wealth, the base's average wealth gets a +1 for having an energy or minerals resource, a -1 for having a declining food reserve, a -2 for actual starvation, a -1 for ongoing Drone unrest.


Subtract -1 from efficiency, maximum being 0
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Default Re: Alpha Centauri City Stats

I support continued fan support for Alpha Centauri.
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alpha centauri, city stats

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