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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

So I had two campaign going before Covid that I'm looking to revive.

One was a DFRPG Nordlund game. Started with I Smell a Rat/Against the Rat-Men and moved on to Citadel. Now it's leading the team to a showdown with an epic dragon or two because the Wrestler has a burning desire to grapple a dragon.

The second game used DFRPG as a base and then added Steampunk (if people are familiar, it uses the Zeitgeist campaign from Enworld Publishing as a basis). The PCs are FBI-like cops investigating a global conspiracy. In the last session, the Thief lifted an item from Evidence, just before a surprise visit from IA was scheduled.
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

Two campaigns currently: A 'you make the adventure' style SF with people discovering they can phase with old technology, technically illegal since the AI war, but a group form around being the crew for a discovered ship.

Finding the upgrades for the 'computer' and exploring places the ship knows about, while managing the dynamic between central authority and trying to establish a colony free from them.

Similarities with TV like 'Killjoys' and 'Firefly', but actually an 'embarrassment of riches' game that goes where we want, as long as certain things remain a secret. Fun.

The other is a game I've mentioned before, a celto-viking fantasy game on a world that is not Earth, but may in some way be following imperatives familiar to anyone who knows any ancient history.
We've been playing it on and off for a while now, and we are in danger of travelling 'All Around the World' which I saw written on the GM's oldest page of notes.

One we come back to in between: 1930s-set exploration and archaeology game with archaeologist, pilot friend and a face-man with many contacts.
They have just, through contacts with an aircraft manufacturer, gained an entry into a genuine historical air race: the MacRobertson Trophy Race of 1934 from Britain to Australia, open to anyone who applies in time.

International rivalries, smuggling hidden diamonds, sabotage, natural dangers, equipment failure and improvised repair, not to mention sleep deprivation. Could be fun.
Especially if the Nazis make an a-historical entry.

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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

My campaign is running into the old issue of most of the players being one evening players and never showing up again.

Still the Kenku Monk wanted to become a Cleric so I pretty much ran this night as his initiation.

Because he tried to free the souls of those whose bodies had been made into animated dolls. A goddess of healing, whose symbol is a blue infinity symbol ♾️, sent the Kenku a dream. In the dream a woman showed the Kenku a statue with a medallion hanging from a chain wrapped around the statue's hand.

When the Kenku woke up he found himself wandering the streets of a ruined city.

Typical of this dead land so far the city was a twisted mixture of decay and perfect preservation. The facades of buildings were in perfect shape. But the buildings that once stood behind them were long gone. Looking in the window of a more intact than average building the Kenku saw the statue from his dream in an area labeled Gift Shop.

The Kenku broke into the building, discovering that it was something like a sideshow. Jars with Jenny Haveners ( different animal parts sewn together and presented as an exotic animal) and pickled punks ( weirdly deformed animals preserved in fluid) lined his path.

While treading his way to the Gift Shop the Kenku found four large glass cases. The first three were labeled "God Botherer," "Thug," and "Hoodoo," and contained the skeleton of a humanlike being that had obviously died trapped in the case. The fourth case, labeled "Criminal" contained a dragonborn. Seeing that the dragonborn, like the owlin was trapped in a spell, and would die miserably if left behind, the Kenku freed the Green Dragonborn.

The Green Dragonborn found himself with only his clothes in a strange room with a Kenku letting him out of a trap.

The Kenku got to the gift shop. The medallion was hanging from the statue's hand by a counter labeled Cuthbert's Cantrips. Whereas everything else in the shop, including the statue was cheaply made and over decorated, the medallion was very well made and plain. It was a simple silver medallion inlayed with lapis lazuli on the front to form an infinity symbol.

More later...
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Fred Brackin
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

I have started a new D&D5e campaign based on The adventure that came with the set. It will probably be shortish. It's also the first time I've run 5e but I've lost count of how many systems i've run. in my almost 43 years of gaming.

The adventure is written to be run for characters who are clueless groundlings presumably so they can be amazed by the wonders of Spelljamming but I offerred the option of being crew on the ship in the adventure and ended up with no groundlings.

It's also written for characters of 5th level and I offerred the possibility of starting at 1st and quickly working their way up but got no takers on that either.

It seems clear that it was the new character creation material and the starting at 5th level that cased this sesion to have the energy and enthusiasm it did. They may need to freshen more in D&D One than they think.

The adventure also said that it could start out in any familiar world but the Forgotten Realms were obviously out as this is a world-threatening plot but the realms have god-like mages and an oversized and overactive pantheon of actual gods who deal harshly with the plot's originators..

So I created a new world of clueless groundlings. When humans first got to it they found Elves there before them. The humans asked the elves what the world's name was (mostly through the "shouting and waiving their arms" system). So the world is called "So'ille' (from the ancient Elvish for "Dirt") and has two continents named "Hiriya" and "Thariya".

After a couple of rounds of this the Humans gave up on asking the elves for information (which may be what the Elves wanted) and started making up their own names (and creating their own oddities).

One such being what started out as "Puerto Nuevo" and grew to have an "old town" and a "new town" until the new town got eaten by a sea monster and ending up as just "Old Nuevo".

The PCs were not strongly interested in defending the Old Nuevans from the suddenly arising crisis. In fact they were really only interested in fleeing it themselves.

There were a couple of big fights but I had to start giving the npcs Wisdom Saves to run (I have no idea if 5e has a Morale mechanism).. There could have been a problem when the PCs kiled all of the npcs without interrogating them first but that was why the Cleric had Speak with Dead.

There was also a situation where the adventure effectively said "An NPC will appear and tell the PCs an obivious lie which will decieve them for at least 3 encounters". Eh, not so much thanks to a 23 on an insight check and a telepathy spell or ability. I don't issue Plot Armor to NPCs. It's too much trouble to even try. So he didn't make it to 3 rooms over.

Even with a playing session cut short by charactter generation it seemed that everyone had fun and they amde level 6 (milestone advancement).
Fred Brackin
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

I just ran the first session of a Road Hogs/After the Bomb campaign using the RAW 1980s-era Palladium proto -Megaverse system. The players have had some very tart things to say about the character generation system, but we're going on. The setting can be summed up as "the world of the Ninja Turtles,but post-apocalypse" or as "Fallout: Zootopia meets Mad Max: Furry Road:" everyone is an animal with a greater or lesser degrees of anthropomorphism and humans are nigh-extinct. A road gang with imperial aspirations and materiel support from a high-tech fascist state on the East coast has take over much of the Pacific Northwest and pushing south The PCs are Northern Oregon and Southern California (that were), brought together in the wake of the fighting and now cruising the wastelands in a heavily armed schoolbus called the Queen of the Desert doing what it takes to get by.

Normally that consists of moonlighting on maintenance projects of various sorts, the bat mechanic has most of a machine shop built in behind the living quarters and the mink civil engineer has some surveying kit and places that hire her are expected to provide their own materials, labor, and/or machinery (the other two party members are their driver, a fox with serious debts to unpleasant people, and a grizzly bear formsr former road ganger whose old outfit came second in a fight with the Road Hogs; he handles security.)

Today they have chosen to fill the underfloor cargo space with dynamite, foisted on them by a dodgy fellow representing a resistance group they've never heard of. He says the rail bridge over the Klamath River is being repaiy, and the dynamite is to wreck it again, harder this time. So far they've dealt with freelance border patrols for both sides, the second of which climaxed in a high-speed late-night machinegun battle, while the 8 track playe Dolly Parton classics sung by a wren with a guitar.
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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

I'm currently running 3 groups through one setting: AEON. It's a supers setting that has been pretty meticulously well thought out with the idea that the PCs are cinematic, but the world is realistic. Powers are by their nature also cinematic, but many come with drawbacks. The groups are:

A2-Team: The Valiants are a team of powerful supers and the first superteam to form. They are the gold standard. The one others want to be like. But sometimes things are rotten. The team consists of: Weather Girl, a weather reporter for New York and a weather controller of astounding ability; Valkyrie, a metahuman with time, fire, and hyper-intelligence abilities that uses a battlesuit made from the rarest substance on the planet - orichalcum; Doctor Mnemonic, an immortal with photographic reflexes and a perfect memory; Silkworm, a fabric-controlling metahuman; and other NPCs besides. Play has been dealing with the primary Valiants team, politicking, and of course laying down the super smackdown. Point totals are 2,400+.

B2-Team: The second incarnation of B-Team has a interesting group: The Iron Sikh, a metahuman with high levels of strength and toughness that only gets stronger and tougher the more damage he takes; Threshold, a metahuman spatial manipulator whose powers are a bit odd - he's kind of a blaster in that he can effectively disintegrate things by moving their atoms far enough apart; Nyx, a darkness-controlling metahuman and petty thief; Whisper, a super soldier with sensory enhancement powers; and Wirerat, a technopath shut-in who operates via telepresence to a robot he's made. B-Team operates under the aegis of Project VANGUARD, a organization funded by the UN and using the old I-MAPS protocol (International MetAhuman Patrol Specials). One of the last groups doing so in the hectic times they are currently in (lots of anti-metahuman rhetoric and registration threats). Play has been dealing with power proliferation, doing jobs for the CIA, humanitarian effects, and much more. Point totals are 1,600+.

C3-Team: A coming of age story. All the PCs are bright with intelligences and capabilities at the savant level. They were all given a scholarship to special fund (the Meraki Foundation) and attended summer camp together (and later school for the Foundation). At summer camp while exploring they found a weird cave and inside a glowing orb that washed a mysterious energy over them granting powers. The group consists of: Fiona, a water-controller; Benjamin, a earth-controller; Harlowe, a master of tactics (and chess); and Harvey, a super genius. There are also four main NPCs: Warren, super strong technopath; Tabbs, mechanical prodigy whose power changes at random and she has no control over it; Lynn, a tortured telepath; and Jamie, a nonverbal kid who can collapse wavefunctions to take the best outcome. Point totals are 500+.

There are other groups of course, but these are the ones that play regularly. Been getting really into it as it's probably my 2nd/3rd favorite campaign I've made. It's also pretty young as it has only been around since 2016 compared to my others which have been around for far longer.
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

My current realtime game is Infinite Ruins. After a nuclear holocaust in 1983, authorization to start up a time machine and restore the world is given. The PC's are the team sent out to figure out where the time machine sends them each time, and eventually to change history and save the world.

They're currently at their first time jump* in a 2038 where something similar to "airborne rabies" decimated the population, and global warming raised the oceans 45 meters. The players are having fun dealing with modern tech, trying to find pieces of it that are useful, and dealing with locals who are quite territorial. Right now they're in a hover craft returning from a diving trip in the shallowly flooded ruins of Yale to retrieve an atomic clock** to help with the mad scientist's calculations to get the next jump right.

The game is fun. Its fairly tactically heavy, and in a surprisingly gear-heavy way. One of the inspirations for the game is the vignettes at in high tech, especially high-tech conflict at extreme distances in wilderness. We're having to build intuition for how far people can see and shoot, and how much lighting, binoculars, scopes, camouflage, time taken, vehicles (+4 to be spotted) and so on matter. Its very much still a work in progress, and I've never run Gurps in this environment before. Given how fast things can go wrong, even maneuvering without shooting is very tense.

I'm hoping to get into their bunker politics and resource management, but that hasn't happened yet... which is probably good, because its a fair amount of work to set up.

*I've been reasonably candid that we're really using alternate worlds with the players, but they've been good about treating it like the time travel their mad scientist says it is in character.

** turns out there are two kinds of atomic clock. One of which is only found in top research facilities, and one of which is sold commercially for $2000 or so. We missed the second when we researched it. Which is fine, because the characters are from the 80's and would totally go for the giant research centers and miss that the personal atomic clocks exist. I'm planning for the Bunker that claims Yale on that world to rip off the players by swapping clocks when the time comes for "payment".
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

I'm reposting something from another thread that relates to the ongoing campaign I'm running.

I'm starting a fantasy campaign.

I started the players with an errand through a wilderness of collapsed caves (based on hyper rough real world terrain). I gave them some minor problems. Yellow and black striped flowers that are a cross between poison ivy and stringing nettles with the dials turned to one hundred and eleven. I also threatened them with a creature out of Irish folklore, Water Dogs, think giant otters the size of Nile crocodiles and just as deadly.

I also tossed clues at them. Walls craved and enameled with red thistles and blue oak leaves, but the oak leaves are often painted over or scratched out. Miles of elaborate cravings and architectural finishings in wildernesses and caves. All of which are hundreds of years older than the town founded by the people who came from another reality and found the world they live in deserted.

I left them climbing up a tower. They entered through the kitchens. They're finding clues. Many are pointing to a Mary Celeste type mystery. Others should let them know something about the symbols used around these ruins.

I thought the doors marked with butterflies and orchids would have been obvious. But they missed the jewels in the courtesan's rooms.

You would think that miles of decorated floors in a cavern/wilderness would excite more curiousity.

The PCs are part of the crew of a flying ship sent out to map the world the people of the town the PCs came to. (I encouraged them to be towns folk, but they all ignored that). The Captain is based on William Hartnell's take on the Doctor. The ship's surgeon is based on Gates McFadden (but as a half elf). The half orc security chief is basically Worf. (Yes I am having fun).

Second week of my fantasy campaign.

The PCs are beginning to realize how weird the set up of the tower is.

When they tried to explore a door with the crest of a miniature castle surrounded by roses. A writing desk scuttled into their way. An inkwell then asked for formal invitations. The PCs managed to get around the inkwell. They also picked up the fact that the social secretary hadn't been around for 700 years. The inkwell asked if he was coming back.

When they got into the antechamber packs of cards formed into tall stickmen and threatened the PCs with razor edged cards.

The Grandfather Clock interrogated the PCs. He was a bit suspicious, but the Princess had been missing for Seven hundred years too. So he wanted the PCs to ask the Wardrobe what she knew.

Sorry can't edit right now.

Once they got to the Wardrobe (a large room) she advised the PCs, after a short conversation, that they were in danger. The Steel Guard (animated steel warriors) would hunt down and kill anyone without a proper invitation.

The PCs asked how to get invitations. The Wardrobe told them about the Princess's special playroom. She also warned the "toys" might want to play with them.

They got to the "Playroom" and found the writing desk with the invitations, or rather the standard forms to write invitations on. By this time a Fairy had joined the party and the Kendu and the Tabaxi (correct spelling later) were with the fairy.

The fairy found himself blocked by two "rag" dolls made of leather and dressed as the Queens of Hearts and Spades respectively. The Tabaxi found herself threatened by a white leather bunny rabbit with a scalpel and grappled by a four armed and legged clown doll covered in bells. The Kendu got to the desk and forged some invites. They all barely escaped before the other toys came.

Once back at the Wardrobe the PCs discovered they would need to rescue the other party members.

After tracking them down they rescued them from animated objects intent on washing the PCs up to make them presentable. As a strategy to keep them from being butchered.

The PCs found considerable evidence that the animated objects in the tower were under serious stress from being abandoned.

The PCs are now climbing up the tower to question the library about the tower.

They did escape the tower and prevent any of their party from being butchered. Everyone but the Kendu got a long rest. The Kendu got a short rest and created a forgery.

The Steel Guard saw through the forgery but the other PCs tricked the Steel Guards into thinking the Kendu found the forgery and brought it to the guards for security reasons.

The Steel Guards then rewarded the Kendu.

While passing through the ballroom the candelabras asked them to dance. Some of the Steel Guards clearly wanted to dance as well.

Third session of the fantasy campaign.

Realizing that the party was getting tired of the tower and its mysteries I gave the party a few more clues. I had the apartments get grander as they climbed higher.

I also introduced the idea of armorial quarterings and mentioned that the heraldic shields painted on the doors had scary large numbers of armorial quarterings on them. They soon came up with the idea that what ever happened to the kingdom was caused by the nobility becoming inbred and decadent. I'm stealing that.

I tossed out clues from mottos on the armorial shields. "Rosey head dreamer you sleep as if dead/ while worlds within worlds revolve in your head." They are wondering if Sleeping Beauty was a lich.

Two more clues. " strike the sleeping world awake." And "the fitful slumber floats and flows/ about the tangle of the rose "

When they got to the Library it wanted a deal. It would give the ship all the tower's riches in its command if the crew would take all the conscious objects with them. The Library knew the tower was sliding into madness.

The Library then gave the party a magical Atlas that could always tell people were they were. The Library also offered them the chance to study the local area through a crystal ball.

For inexplicable reasons the party declined to use the opportunity. Go fig?

The Captain of the ship sent the PCs to explore the forest road while he took the first load of Living Objects back to the community the ship had come from. The Captain gave the PCs amulets that would let the Captain easily find the PCs again. Each amulet had a magic feather that would block one fatal attack. The Captain also gave them backpacks of food and camping gear holding. Other items kept their full weight.

After a quiet first day in the forest. They came to an obnoxiously cute little house that offered more clues.

One area of the forest marked "Airy Mountain" and/or "Rushy Glen" had the additional message. "To watch her till she wake."

By an island in a lake was scratched "I wept to dream again."

An area of the forest was marked "Leucrotta."

Deciding not to risk the rapids marked on the map the PCs took the forest path. After trying to lure the PCs away from the path. The Leucrottas decided to attack in the middle of the night. The PCs did very well against equal numbers of Leucrottas.

They decided to travel by water to avoid the Leucrottas. Reasoning that Leucrottas were desert animals and might not swim well. (I'm going with their judgement).

They are now dealing with an island filled with seductive illusions. A very odd Harpy (the bird part of her body was a gigantic dove, and the human part was a beautiful young woman) warned them that the island was brutally dangerous. Though unlike other fairy islands the food and water were always safe, but anything else could be deadly.

I don't think they registered that the Harpy said "water" and not "drink." They seemed more interested in the family issues of a Lawful Good Harpy.

When we ended the session a child was trying to get the PCs to take some flowers with them.

They noticed the child's teeth were rather long and sharp.

more later.
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

Finishing the reposts.

Session four of the campaign. A new player joined, I figure players coming and going will be the norm. He's an Owlin Warlock.

Everyone is now fifth level.

They were on the lake caught between the Lucrottas on the main shore and the island.

Needing a way to introduce the Owlin I introduced the party to the gigantic predatory fish in the lake. I also noted they were very decorative and glowed in the dark.

The shadow of the friendly Harpy kept the lovely glow in the dark predatory fish at bay and directed the PCs to a house in the lake. Only the chimneys and a widow's walk were above water. Smoke came out of the chimneys.

They carefully climbed up onto the top of the widow's walk and found a trapdoor. They then climbed down into the tower room. The air was fresh and sweet smelling. From there they climbed down a staircase to the attic hallway.

The Fairy Wizard tried the smallest door first. He found the attic broom closet.

The next door was a bedroom. Checking the bookcase he found it was full of texts on magic. The kind of books Wizards read to understand magic, and some popular fiction. He found a hatbox under the bed with a human sized Wizard's hat in it.

He found Adventuring gear in the closet. Then the fairy wizard searched the rolltop desk. Meanwhile the Kendu Healer Monk found the main staircase, the actual attic storage area, and a locked door.

The Kenku then joined the fairy and they jimmied the lock on the rolltop desk. (That sentence was fun.)

They found scrolls and a glass jar with a tiny Owlin in it.

They pried open the jar lid and took out the Owlin. He soon grew to his full size.

I told the Warlock that other than his pact weapon, his clothes, and his magical vest (which gives him the same protection as chainmail, but doesn't interfere with flight) he had nothing. He soon found his hat as well.

The party found some treasure. The Kenku monk got a magical frying pan that cooks without a heat source, always has the right cooking fat, and seasons and spices the food to the user's taste. The frying pan is also a plus two mace.

They also found a magical tent and a stash of coins and jewels.

Then they went to the locked door. The Owlin used Eldritch Blast on the door. The door was no more.

The room inside was a lab. It had been largely cleared out.

It did have seven jars like the one the Owlin was imprisoned in. These jars contained...

1) A young Red Dragon

2) a Gryphon

3) an Androsphinx (label noting the Androsphinx is a rare evil Androsphinx)

4) a drow woman labeled a priestess, sorceress, assassin.

5) a man labeled an assassin.

6) an Owlbear.

7) a Lucrotta pack leader.

They also found a Bag of Devouring that was sent to the Wizard with a request that he study the thing and develope countermeasures.

Unknown to the players, the jars are unbreakable as long as the lid is in place. Remove the lid and whatever is in the jar is restored to full size and free will. Although they will be groggy.

The also found copies of the Manual of making Flesh Golems. The author was V. Von Frankenstein esq.

The Owlin also found his footwear. The Kenku monk also found appropriate footwear.

Then they started to go down the main stairs. As soon as they started they heard music like the ringing of bells.

As they climbed down the stairs they smelled a scent of dried flowers and potpourri. It was sweet but oppressive.

When they came to the first floor they found what they assumed was an old lady playing a keyboard instrument, this was the source of the bell sounds. The old lady then got up and went over to work on her embroidery.

A parrot then flew into the room and landed on its perch.

The Kenku monk's player, assuming all parrots in fiction are chaotic evil, grabbed the parrot.

He was surprised that the parrot made no resistance and was cold to the touch.

The party soon learned that the old lady, the parrot, and her servants, were all flesh golems.

They went back to searching the house.

In the parlor they found stereopticon pictures and a stereopticon viewer. On the cover of the box of stereopticon pictures depicting the old form of Little Red Riding Hood were the words "I say the wolf and not wolves/ for all wolves are not of the same kind." written in the same hand as the labels and letters in the attic. And on the last card of a set of punch and Judy pictures was written, in the same hand, "the devil is dead, there's no more hell ..."

As the Owlin Warlock's player had to go home, the Owlin carried part of the loot back to the boat.

Most of the upstairs rooms turned out to be guest bedrooms. The exception was the bedroom belonging to the old lady that was made into a flesh golem.

The old lady had once been a warrior. Her favorite battle axe was still in her bedroom. While looking at the display case with the axe, the party noticed that the display area wasn't as deep as the cabinet. They soon found the false back to the display case and retrieved a fairy sized magic rapier (+1, and a light enchantment), and the old lady's trophies from murdering fairy monarchs. These were the royal crowns. (Not the major state crowns, more like formal ware corners).

They then discovered the old lady's jewelry box. One of those three foot high miniature wardrobe looking things. (The lady liked silver and pearls).

Just as they found a trap drawer marked " Magic Rings" (They fell for it.) in came the person who had been locked up in the basement.

They mistook the interloper for a vampire. In spite of hints dropped by their opponent, they simply attacked. The Kenku Monk was thwarted by a varient Shield spell. In spite of being warned that the interloper had defenses against spells the fairy wizard cast Thunderwave on the man in the doorway. The interloper's Ring of Spellturning pitched the spell right back at the wizard.

The Thunderwave spell slammed the fairy wizard into the plaster ceiling of the bedroom and reduced the plaster to powder. The fairy wizard landed on the bedding that the interloper had animated to attack and restrain him while the Monk rolled low on a constitution check and got a lung full of plaster.

The interloper then stole the jewelry box and left.

The interloper had also done something to the house and it was now filling with water.

The PCs, including the Owlin got into the boat with large amounts of loot. But few answers.

When dawn rose they were still stuck between the packs of lucrottas on the mainland and the fay island. But they were further south.

They got lured back towards the island. A Fay enchantress lured them to the island with her baking. She admitted she was a bad person, but a very good baker. The Fairy Wizard and the Kenku Monk were lured off the boat. The enchantress admitted she wasn't anywhere nearby. But she could still touch them. She also pointed out that she had used illusion magic to trap them.

As the PCs couldn't see the boat, the far shore, or the other shore of the island they admitted this was true.

The enchantress swore she'd let them go if they'd kill an enchanted wild boar for her. As a bonus, the boar had a magic razor and a magic comb stuck in its hair. The razor would perfectly shave anyone and could never cut or scratch living flesh. The comb could painlessly straighten out any hair and cure baldness if used regularly.

The PCs went forth with boarspears to kill the beast.

During the PCs journey through the woods they figured out they were being followed. They soon realized that the malicious "child" with razor sharp teeth, who had tried to give them booby trapped flowers, was following them.

They chased the evil Peter Pan wannabe away.

Then they found the boat. They realized that the razor toothed brat was going to help the boar.

The fight didn't go as I had planned. The Fairy wizard flummoxed the brat and the Kenku Monk got lucky. The boar was stunned (the guy rolled a natural 20) and then the monk speared the boar through the eye.

They took the comb and the razor from the boar.

The Fay returned them to their boat. She also gave them food and water (they gently refused the wine) and a favoring wind to the south of the lake.

They then saw the lake was held in place by a dam and a series of locks. Once again unnatural preservation.

That's all the reposting.

Tomorrow night I'm going to have them meet an Undead that thinks it's a Litch and says so. Mine you it's still dangerous even though it thinks it's a "Good Litch."
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Default Re: Tell us how your Campaigns are going, also get and give advice

I'm currently running three campaigns, each meeting once a month.

Fronteira is set in Pavonis Portal, a city I made up for GURPS City Stats, but displaced sideways in time to the future of Shikaku-Mon, one of the timelines in GURPS Alternate Earths. Player characters are members of the Silva family, a wealthy entrepreneurial family specializing in hotels, restaurants, and entertainment. Currently they're trying to get a favorable location in the city's new arm, where they want to build a luxury hotel, the city's first. The latest plot development is that the oldest son of the family, Guilherme, who's in his fifties, has just discovered that one of his mistresses bore him an illegitimate son, who's now come to Pavonis Portal to meet him.

The Gate of Horn is set in the world of dreams, where several people who live in Oakland, California are meeting, and also encountering the dead grandmother of one of them (who lives on in her grandson's dreams) and a tulpa engendered from the mind of a patient of another, in the form of an anthropomorphic jackrabbit. They've managed to incapacitate and imprison the dreamwalker who had taken possession of the patient, and traced her true self to the Children's Fairyland, a theme park in Oakland, where they've fought and defeated a jabberwock and are now trying to save its dream existence.

Satanic Mills is set in Manchester, England in the 1830s, around the time of Victoria's accession. A young woman there who's involved in charity work has become the new Slayer and is dealing with supernatural/extradimensional threats. Currently Manchester is being beset by a lot of vampires, and she's reluctantly taken word to the Watchers' Council and asked them for help, but without revealing that she's the new Slayer.
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