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Default Re: [Space] Creating Synthesist characters

Seems like one hell of an opportunity for half a dozen Dabbler perks, too.
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Default Re: [Space] Creating Synthesist characters

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Not quite. Mentats in Dune have minds like computers (which are forbidden in the setting).So the big items are Photograhic Memory and Intuitive Mathematician. Possibly even the Enhanced Time Sense variant from Powers: Enhanced Senses.
True, but the high-end, senior Mentats use their abilities along the same lines as a synthesis, though restricted by certain logical rules inherently incorporated into their training. The Bene Gesserits do this even more, in a more general way, as well.
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Default Re: [Space] Creating Synthesist characters

Originally Posted by Celti View Post
That's what Oracle (Digital) already is. See Powers, p. 65.
True enough. Although that's a single Advantage with a specified usage- using the Limitation lets you modify other Advantages.
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