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Default Re: [Last Gasp] Mighty Warriors: Which Advantages and Skills Count?

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
You seem to be doing so much work to avoid the impact of spending AP, why use them at all? The entire purpose is to pace combat. If you want warriors to have lots of attacks before they have to rest, have them buy AP regeneration, extra AP, or all the other things designed to allow longer flurries.
I want cunning and skillful warriors to be able to tire out less thoughtful ones, who may have higher Attributes. Making probing attacks that expend little energy and defending with minimum wasted effort are an important part of that strategy.

Even with maximum Extra AP as well as the 'Mighty Warriors...' rule, Sir Michael, for example, will expend all his APs in a flurry lasting about five to six seconds. And part of his concept is being in the best shape possible for a human. Other PCs will last even less time in a combat where they are making 2-6 Active Defences per turn, not to mention making 2-5 attacks themselves, depending on whether they are Weapon Masters.

Extending that up to ten seconds would be nice, if they are prepared to accept doing less damage and getting a penalty to their defences.
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