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Default Re: [GURPS resources] T Bone's Games Diner updates & announcements

Long-overdue update! Here's what's new on my little gaming blog:

Article updates

A past article, Tiny GURPS idea: A better Outdoorsman, suggests boosting the Outdoorsman talent by bringing its coverage up to a full 10 skills. I've updated it slightly to also address the talent in DFRPG (and to suggest a few other talents of use to outdoor types). Likewise, I updated the above cat-folk barbarian article to suggest this small improvement to the PC's Outdoorsman talent.

Forum updates

In the forums section, contributor uE5Xg9p2 continues write-ups of fictional properties for GURPS 4e. The following items (all credit to uE5Xg9p2, not me) are new or updated since I last posted here:
  • Doctor Who: More denizens, monsters, personages, templates, equipment, and setting information!
  • Gargoyles: New information on the Pack, Curse of the Weird Sisters, notes on setting gargoyle ST, more.
  • Robert E. Howard’s Kull: A start at denizens, personages, equipment, and setting notes for Conan predecessor Kull. (Not to be confused with Krull, the "so bad it's... well, just bad" movie.)
  • Robert E. Howard’s Solomon Kane: Personages and notes on source material.
  • SilverHawks: Template and personages.
  • An Index of Prospective Adaptations: A big list of in-progress or potential GURPS write-up projects (comments & participation welcome!).
  • Non-Cosmic Rules Exemptions: Thoughts on further refining the catch-all "Cosmic" enhancement.
  • Overall improvements: Ongoing improvements to presentation (including pretty cool-looking CSS-based mockups of the graphical style found in GURPS books).
Please note that uE5Xg9p2 welcomes input on all of his content. If you enjoy working up fictional properties for gaming, or putting those write-ups to good use at the gaming table, leave some comments and critiques on the above, or make contributions of your own.

In closing

Thanks always for your readership and feedback!
T Bone
GURPS stuff and more at the Games Diner:

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(Latest goods on site: GLAIVE Mini levels up to v2.4. Update to melee weapon design tool, with more example weapons and commentary.)
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