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Default Brainstorming about a gear/wealth management UI

What sort of things would folks be interested in for an equipment or wealth management interface, for after character creation?

I find GCA4's management of wealth and equipment at the time of character creation to be good enough, but it's very focused on the moment of character creation. After that point, it becomes a bit clunky to maintain the character's inventory.

I can think of a few things that would really help with ongoing accounting, and I'm interested in other peoples ideas as well. As a programmer, I certainly know it's easier to ask for a feature if you can come up with a clear request rather than a vague "make better!" and I figure talking about it is the best way to come up with a good proposal for Armin.

My ideas for changes/additions, which might be activated after setting an "in play" mode... or not, I dunno. Perhaps make this behavior all on a separate tab/window/pane from the regular equipment stuff?
1) Add a money transaction ledger, like the character point transaction ledger under the campaign journal. Entries in the transaction ledger would be dated and annotated, like the campaign journal, and would give bonuses and penalties to your wealth total, like the CP bonuses/penalties do.
2) Add Buy/Sell % boxes to the Equipment tab so you can reflect selling items at a loss from their list price (for example, the standard DF 40%) or buying items over (or under) list price (Based on Merchant skill tests or just local variations).
2b) For speed, add a "Delete/loose/expend" button that's a shortcut for 'sold at 0%' and an "add/gimmy" button that's a shortcut for 'bought at 0%'. This is for things like expending ammunition without being paid for it, consumed food, lost/broken items, and so forth.
3) Buying and Selling items in "in play" mode would automatically add an entry to the transaction ledger to keep your available money balanced. This entry would be automatically date-stamped and with a basic automatically generated annotation that you could edit later, as normal.
3b) the ability to collapse multiple automatically generated entries into one with one cash value and a smart-collapsed and/or concatenated annotation would then be a very good feature, to avoid having 50 "lost 1 arrow" entries, for example.
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