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Default Cars and Trailers, ATE game

During my last post-apocalyptic adventure, my players collected a lot of equipment and wanted to leave quickly with their vehicles (Muscle cars and Pickup from the B.464). However, their vehicles are already filled to the brim with gear. The handyman of the group decided to make trailers to transport their loot. Ok excellent idea. But in my actual experience driving a trailer is a game-changer. What modifications would you make to the profile of vehicles (SR / HD, Range, Additional load, additional location, add +1 SM ...) which tow a heavy load (between 0.5 and 1 ton or more). I have ruled a -2 penalty to the driving skill until they are familiar with this gear as well. Suggestions ?
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Default Re: Cars and Trailers, ATE game

Gurps 3rd ed "Vehicles" covers this on page 96.

A vehicle with non-railway wheels, tracks, halftracks, skitracks or skids can be hitched behind and towed by any vehicle with a ground performance. Calculate the top speed, acceleration and deceleration of the combination as if it where a new vehicle with the combined loaded weight of both vehicles and the motive system of the towing vehicle. gMR and gSR are based on the combined body volume of both vehicles, the motive system of the towing vehicle, and if both vehicles have wheels, the combined number of wheels; the combination's gMR cannot exceed 0.25 G. ground pressure and off-road speed are calculated individually for each vehicle, and then the lowest off-road speed is used.

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