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Default 3D ships for Triplanetary

Last summer, I got a request from a fan of the game to design miniatures for the game using my MicroFleet bases, which are 1/2" across and could be used on both the original map and the 2018 version. The fun part of this project is that I had to work from nothing but the silhouettes on the counters. For me, this means that I had some freedom to innovate within the bounds of the top-down silhouettes. Here's what I came up with.

First, my "MicroFleet" designs are based on a hex stand that is exactly 1/2" across, so these things are really tiny! Here's a group shot with a US quarter, a British Pound coin, and a Euro penny.

Next, the combatants. You'll note the ball turrets; the number of turrets corresponds to the ships' Combat Strength, for ease of visual reference.

Then, the auxiliary ships:

And finally, the markers:

These will eventually be available for sale (without using the trademarked Triplanetary name) as printable STLs on my MiniHoarder and CGTrader pages.
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