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A Murder of Crows
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Default Chez Goth Rule Question

roomie and i were playing this for the first time tonight, and on our second game something kinda broke.

i was a video clerk. on my turn after i played people but before i took any actions or went shopping, she played a "Whenever" card called "I was too good for them"

Card text:
  • Add 1 gloom AND
  • Discard your job;
  • Until you get a new one, you have no slack goal and cannot win.
  • On your next turn, you may do nothing except draw a new job card.
  • This card may not be played on the Poet.
Add 1 gloom

I then countered by playing my own "Whenever" card on myself, "New Job"
  • Target player (anyone but the poet) shuffles his job card into the job pile
  • and draws a new Job.
  • If he has no Job card, he simply draws one immediately

SO, here is the problem.
  1. "I was too good for them" was not countered or discarded in any way.
  2. As the effect from "I was too good for them" was still on going and the card was not discarded, it seems reasonable that i had no job card at the moment when i played "New Job" on myself
  3. New Job gave me a new job. (Artiste).

I'm now completely unsure of how to proceed.

On my next turn, her card effect seems like it should still be in effect, which would mean i can do nothing but draw a job card. I saw no rules stating a person can only have 1 job at a time, and the "New job" card only says i draw a new job card immediately if i don't have a job card, it doesn't say it cancels out the effects of previous cards. The "I was too good for them" specifically says to discard a job card, and the "New Job" mentions that i shuffle any job card i have back into the job deck

Does this mean i suddenly have two jobs? my guess is that the spirit of the game says No, but the rules of these cards played in this way completely break the spirit with the rule text.

Do i get to continue my current turn and take actions or go shopping? her card didn't say my turn ended or anything like that, and my guess is that the spirit of her play was to basically end my turn and my ability to do anything

Do i keep the income i had before i "lost" the original job (video clerk)? Timing wise, it seems like if i left a job, i'd still get a "final paycheck" for time put in before i left, so it stands to reason that i'd still have the earned income even if i lost the job.

How is free time handled once you lost a job? Losing the job also means losing the free time it afforded me, though in reality i'd suddenly have a LOT more free time if i just lost the job. so, if the spirit of the play is to prevent me from doing much of anything at all, (sudden loss of income, sudden loss of "free time" as one searches for a new job), it SEEMS like playing "New Job" should act more like a counterspell and completely negate all the effects of the "I was too good for them" card, including the lingering events that would occur on my next turn (you can do nothing but draw a new job card).


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