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Default Alternate XP progression schedule

So like several others on this forum, I've been thinking a lot about XP progression. And like a few of you, I also feel that the revised schedule in the new ITL is off-balance somehow.

First, though, a few of my biases (which I'm happy to discuss as well, but I'd like to focus on the proposed XP schedule initially)...
1) The 40-point effective limit on character stats is too restrictive
2) Stat increases should remain the primary use for XP
3) Stat increases should get exponentially harder as the character advances
4) PC races that begin play w/ higher stat point totals should not increase as quickly as those at the 32-point baseline
5) Stat increases can be earned at least every 2-3 game sessions initially and every 5-6 sessions (or more, but not much) after they cross the 40-point threshold

32 or less total points = 75 XP per point*
33 to 36 points = 150 XP per point
37 to 40 points = 300 XP per point
41 to 44 points = 900 XP per point**
45 to 48 points = 2700 XP per point
49 to 52 points = 8100 XP per point
53 to 56 points = 24300 XP per point
57 to 60 points = 72900 XP per point***

*I lowered the required XP for the initial tier mainly to make it easier on characters who die during their early adventuring career.

**Once you cross the 40-point threshold, XP costs go up by a factor of 3 instead of doubling. This is similar, though not as severe, to the premise established in the original ITL rules.

***I honestly don't expect characters to get into this range (or really any higher than the low 50s), but I included the math just in case.
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