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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
In Cyberpunk 2077, one of the early missions you get is a series of bare-knuckle fights, and in fact I believe the earliest one you can do (most of the city is blocked off at the start of the game) is against a pair of twin brothers who have used cybernetics to completely link themselves together, wirelessly. They think of themselves as a single person, and get angry with you if you refer to them as separate individuals. It's an... interesting experience. For having two bodies to work with, they sure do stink at boxing, though. The webcomic Schlock Mercenary also had a species where each individual had two bodies, which communicated via natural radio (with technological assistance, they could stay synched up over long distances; the one who was in Tagon's Toughs piloted two grav-tanks at once).
I just remembered what probably put the idea in my head, to reappear all this time later: Harem from Grrl Power. She can project duplicates, but she has grown attached to the five bodies she has now and thus doesn't usually switch them off. I haven't followed it in a long time, and I can't recall (or whether it was ever established) if she can duplicate one of her existing bodies or whether a new body would be "factory default" - and thus reprojecting (five is her limit) would mean losing all the effort she's put into making each one unique, with its own hairstyle, tattoos, etc.
- Actually one normal sized guy in three tiny trenchcoats.
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