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Default [DFRPG] Crawl! IC

The military outpost of Starhold Keep lies in the rocky hinterlands near a narrow river canyon named Hell's Throat.

Starhold Keep is a safe place, but not a comfortable one. All pretense of glamour, style, and graces have been sacrificed at the altar of military practicality. It shows, in the chipped stone of the grey walls, in the dusty crowded streets, and in the miserable and irritated glares of the guardsmen. The Keep sits on Prying Eye Island, perched on the top of Tanara Falls.

You and your fellow adventurers have arrived here a few days ago, trekking up the winding Borderland Road, past fishing-men at the Lower Falls and up a serpentine trail on the side of a mountain. The trail was dirty and rough, strewn with discarded trash, broken wheels and the occasional decaying carcass of a fallen animal. At the top is the landing, a muddy field at the stoop of the Keep where caravans wait outside the gates to be let in and travelers hitch their horses at the Keep's Palisade. To the west, a little ways away from the Keep, is Quarrytown - an improvised and shady chunk of settlement where rogues and miners live. West of Quarrytown is The Shelf, a flat farmland that feeds the Keep and its surrounding people.

Since arriving, the Broken Hilt tavern's common room in the Keep's middle bailey has been your living quarters.
You and your party of adventuring cohorts have arrived here for simple reasons; Hell's Throat is rumored to be a wilderness teaming with treasures and monsters, including some sort of "Super-Lair" where the forces of evil are festering in their ill-gotten gains...
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