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Default Technical Grappling vs a Giant Boar

I've been reading the Technical Grappling rules, but I'm still having some issues wrapping my head around some stuff.

Lets say we have a Luchador who will be grappling a supernatural SM+2 Boar.

The Luchador sneaks around the boar while the boar is busy with the Luchador's teammates and jumps on its back. The boar will first try to throw-off and gore the Luchador, but if the Luchador survives for awhile we'll assume it will end taking some injuries from the Luchador's teammates and eventually berserk (which forces it to use All-out-Attacks).

How would this play out in Technical Grappling? Does the boar have a penalty to break free from the Luchador due to its lack of reach on its back? Can the Luchador do anything to restrain/hinder the boar somewhat, or is the only thing he can do against the stronger opponent using Control Points to use for a eye-gouge-attack against the boar? Is the boar doomed to have the Luchador applying CP freely every turn once it goes berserk unless it uses All-out-Attack double to first try to break free, and then attack the Luchador?
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technical grappling

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