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Default Rosemary's Convent

Hermana (Sister) María Teresa Romero Borja (October 31, 1963; Bogotá, Colombia) is a well-read, well-educated Catholic nun from an upper class family in Bogotá, who had long ago lost her faith, but kept her vows and continued ministering to the poor and downtrodden from the Adoratrices convent in the historic Candelaria district of Bogotá. Her work involved seeing the worst of the world, in a neighbourhood filled with prostitution, crime, violence and endemic drug use, but Sister María Teresa had been gradually losing her faith throughout the violence and misery of the 1980s and 1990s in Colombia.

Ironically, as the violence and wasted lives around her got worse and ever more senseless, Sister María Teresa had cause to question her earlier private convictions about a materialistic universe. As crime rates rose and kept rising, it seemed insufficient to explain the horrors with mundane causes and sociological statistics. Tales told by the marginalized, the people of the streets and the night, were steeped in superstition, but suggested an awful truth nonetheless.

As Sister María Teresa ministered to the victims and perpetrators of the vast crime against humanity taking place day by day, street by street, firefight by firefight, needle by needle, in the brothels, avenues and alleyways, she felt, at times, the presence of Evil around her. As predatory criminals and the police that should have protected the people from them sunk to new depths of cruelty, mostly against the innocent instead of each other, Sister María Teresa could dimly sense an unseen force toying with them like ants.

Around the turn of the century, Sister María Teresa experienced a loss more personal than her daily misery, as her best friend within the convent disappeared and was found five months later, brutally murdered. The straw that broke the camel's back and filled Sister María Teresa with fury against the uncaring, unhelpful, imperfect God she had served all her life was when it eventually came to light that the murderer was another nun from the convent, the prudish and judgmental Sister Leticia, apparently motivated by disapproval by the victim's 'sinful' association with and empathy for sex workers and drug addicts among her flock.

Now, Sister María Teresa is still nominally a Catholic nun in good standing, but her one abiding desire since that day, sixteen years ago, when she confronted the revelation of the petty tyranny and small-minded hatred of Sister Leticia that extinguished the sole light of her existence, has been to end the charade of divine benevolance and stop the torment of this vale of tears, not just for her, but for everyone. She sees clearly now, you see. There are devils and if there are devils, there is a God. And that God is the worst monster of them all.

By now, Sister María Teresa has spent the last sixteen years exploring the dark and mysterious forces she sensed around her, researching the occult and esoteric while pretending outwardly to be still the same stalwart minister to the poor as before, retaining her habit and her vows. She has learned terrible secrets from the whispers of spirits and wrestled forbidden lore from entities of vast and inhuman powers.

Along the way, she made contact with fellow students of the occult, carefully building a network of contacts and a few trusted allies. Eventually, she found a like-minded mentor and took to the creed of the Keepers of the Last Hearth with all the fervor of a convert, discovering again the intensity of religious feeling she felt in her forgotten childhood.

What I want to know, is, if she has three favored students and confidants who assist her with secret rituals, who are they?

Fellow nuns?

Former prostitutes, drug addicts or both, encountered in her ministrations?

Someone else?
Za uspiekh nashevo beznadiozhnovo diela!

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