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Default Re: Welcome to GURPS

A minor pet-peeve of mine, but while it's styled "TransHuman" in the logo, the line is called "Transhuman Space."
Paul Stefko
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Default Re: Welcome to GURPS

Most of the 3E "historical" books aren't purely historical - they have rules for magic and bestiaries of fantastical beasts. That would put them more in line with the "historical fantasy" genre, so perhaps distinguish between true historical supplements and historical fantasy supplements, or simply add a note about it.

I'm not familiar with the 4 historical books listed for 4E, maybe they have the same flexibility to adapt to historical fantasy - and if that's the case, then I'd just change the "historicals" button to "historical fantasy."

My point simply being, perhaps more folks would be interested in these books if they knew they had a fantastical aspect to them. I was always a huge fan of them and found them to be great resources in my fantasy games to help simulate "-esque" cultures (Chinese-esque, Arabian-esque, etc.).
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