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Default Re: Low Tech Structure Creation Rules

LTC3 is the place to go. Not only does it give you information for constructing the building under normal conditions, it also tells you how much of the cost (and thus time) actually accounts for building it, as opposed to just creating and/or bringing the building materials to the site. The example castle costs around $3M and takes around 5 years to build, but only 5% of that - around $150K and 3 months - is for actually building the thing. If your characters have magic that will allow them to produce building materials (or simply bring it to the site more quickly and with fewer assistants), this makes it a lot easier to work that into pricing and timing.
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Default Re: Low Tech Structure Creation Rules

Originally Posted by Turhan's Bey Company View Post
LTC3 is probably better, though, as Anders notes, it still requires a lot of math. On my to-do list are finishing a TL5-8 extension of the rules in LTC3 (or rather, writing something I've started) and maybe coming up with some representative pieces which can be assembled into larger castles, palace complexes, and towns. In my copious spare time, of course.
Take my money! A sample village house or two, a barn or storehouse, etc. Maybe a two-story jetted townhouse/workshop, and some castle pieces -- tower, wall section, gatehouse, keep.
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Default Re: Low Tech Structure Creation Rules

GURPS Adaptations has some really simple guidelines for writing up buildings in GURPS terms. They don't go into a lot of detail but they'll let you estimate GURPS stats for the building as a whole. It's in chapter two, on pp. 21-22.
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