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Default Maritime Meteorological Hazard

Gate Fog This mysterious natural phenomenon is the bane of mariners, transporting boats, ships, and even entire flotillas to unintended locations on the oceans of Cidri. Appearing almost identical to normal fog, Gate Fog can be identified as magical with Detect Magic, and as actual Gate Fog with Reveal Magic, and a figure with the Captain talent can recognize Gate Fog on first seeing it with a successful 5dIQ roll (others roll 6d), but by then it may be too late to avoid the eldritch mist. Legends tell of entire coastal villages having been transported by Gate Fog, and that an inland version of the weather might exist, but Scholars dismiss these as old wives' tales. Some believe it to be powerful Octopus magic.

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Default Re: Maritime Meteorological Hazard

Sounds like a much milder version of a "Banestorm" from the GURPS splat book! I like it!
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cidri, navigation, sailing, teleportation, weather

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