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Default Re: Turn of Combat Reformulated - Velocity

Originally Posted by kenclary View Post
Also at least one version of Shadowrun, iirc.
Mostly Shadowrun just gave you one action per 10 initiative, but I do vaguely remember a few things that adjusted initiative by 5.

The way Feng Shui worked was a more pure, though. The way it worked was:

You rolled initiative -- generally 1d6+stat, where stat probably ranged from 5-10 (this is not ideal). People acted in order from highest initiative to lowest, and every time you took an action you reduced your initiative by the cost of that action (so you acted multiple times per turn). It generally took 3 initiative to make an attack, though certain special abilities changed that, and you could reduce that to 2 by taking a -2 penalty, 1 by taking a -5 penalty (die rolling was 2d6, both exploding, one positive, one negative, so -5 was a lot). You could also aim (spend 1-3 initiative to get +1-3 on an attack). There were other specialized actions with different cost; usually particularly fast activation abilities cost 1. The target could also spend 1 point of initiative (even if their action wasn't up yet) to get a bonus to defense; this was generally worth it in one on one, but ate up all your actions if multiple mooks were attacking you.

It was a system with a fair number of flaws, but it also had some interesting ideas.
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