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Are these weapons just lying around or are they for sale? B27 suggests that the cost in $s will be dramatically increased, rarity is rarity after all and if no one can make new weapons they'll be very hard to buy. Knowledge of proper use suggests the Cutting Edge Training or Intuitive Repairman perks from Power Ups.

If they're just lying around I don't think the PCs need any special background.
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Default Re: Pricing Borrowed Technology Cost

Originally Posted by nerdvana View Post
This is for a post apocalyptic world where the higher tech stuff is not easily replacable.
Understood, but this is exactly what the "Unusual Background" advantage is there for - you just set the value to whatever you think is reasonable for the setting.

For example, if the world is recent post-apocalyptic (Mad Max) I would charge him 5 points and be done with it. Even if the predominant culture is TL4, there is a lot of TL5-8 lying around, and proficiencies with some level of the higher techs is not going to be earth-shattering. How often will the characters run across someone with these skills? How hard would it be for other people to come up to speed if they had to? There are cultures today that are not far off from TL4, but most of them could figure TL7 out if they needed to.

On the other hand, if it is far post-apocalyptic ("Nuclear War? What's that? Oh, watch out for that demon pit!!") I would bump it up to 10-20 points or more depending on what skills you are making available to him. Hand a TL4 person with no higher-tech exposure a M1911 and he will probably shoot himself in the gut hammering in a nail! But the value depends on the skills.

Equipment is pretty much the same too, and again it should vary based on what they have access too. Reparable or not, a man with a loaded battlesuit is King in a TL4 culture. A guy with a radio is ... a guy with a radio.
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Default Re: Pricing Borrowed Technology Cost

Note that High TL does work kind of like an Unusual Background, but that the cost scales directly with the TL difference between setting and character, as opposed to the way UB scales according to a utility approximation. High TL does not necessarily grant access to widgets from that TL except upon character creation. The focus of the advantage is explaining the knowledge of technological skills more advanced than your native TL.
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post apocalyptic, q&a, tech levels

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