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Default Itching powder Vs Rain coat ?

Hi guys!

We had this debate in a game

1-can we use the itching powder to eliminate the rain coat ?
2- are all one shot items potions? I mean can I use a fluid card for +3 on a monster in a fight with a player fitted with the rain coat? Or distracting with balloons, are these considered potions?

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Default Re: Itching powder Vs Rain coat ?

Itching Powder could eliminate the Raincoat as it is not a potion. I'm fairly sure that Druid Fluid (if that is what you mean by Fluid card) is a potion and would be blocked, although I can't fully remember the art on that card to be absolutely sure. The FAQ has this to say about what is and isn't a potion:

Originally Posted by FAQ
Q. Are cards like Yuppie Water, that don't say "Potion" on them but LOOK like Potions, considered potions for rules purposes?
A. Yes. If it's a liquid in a container, it can be considered a potion. (But note that other types of one-shot Items, such as Grenades and Ichors, must include that specific word! Potions are special. Also note that Ichors aren't Potions and Potions aren't Ichors.)
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Default Re: Itching powder Vs Rain coat ?

Thanks for the input 😊
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itching, potions, powder, rain coat

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