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Default Re: Getting More from Disadvantages

I've long struggled with what to do about social status in TFT. It is obviously essential to a full use of the concepts of jobs, guilds etc. in a fleshed out campaign, but there is no guidance. In some past house rules I've introduced talents that act as 'gate keepers' for status acquired before the start of play. It would be functionally equivalent if you made up a new category called 'advantages' and tied it to the talent point economy (with the perhaps added benefit that if you label it 'advantage' rather than 'talent' it will not be available for purchase later in play). Another way I've thought of doing this is with a 2d6 character trait, as per the ITL optional rules. But TFT is such a 'build a bear' game that I think it would be better to let people horse trade for their starting status when they make a character, and then let the job system deal with how you rise or fall in rank from there.
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