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Default Attunement from the Demon of Debt:

Inspired by watching a neighbour being eaten alive by 'easy loans':

Attunement from the Demon of Debt:

This attunement has two related abilities: firstly, you may grant a set of attached Rites to anyone who is willing to accept them.
The first Rite grants essence as normal. Simply acknowledge that you are in debt, and you can get up to 6 essence!
The other Rites though are worship Rites, that are triggered by getting essence from any source. For every essence 'borrowed' you will have to pay 2 essence back.
The debtor can swiftly accumulate a huge debt. There is a maximum though; for every [Forces] essence you are in debt, the maximum you can borrow drops by 1. So a 9 Force demon owing 18 to 26 essence could only 'borrow' a maximum of 4 essence per day.

Secondly, you may give the attunement (without losing it yourself) to anyone who owes more than 20 essence to these Rites.

While Impudites often like having this attunement for convenience, easily paying off the debts, other demons find it more useful as something to give to others. Lilim will charge Geases for it, Habbalah enjoy watching it destroy the weak. Even quite powerful beings can quickly become trapped in a debt cycle from which they cannot escape.
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