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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Transrift Security Service: This is the armed element of Transrift Corporation (AKA "Jardines"). It has a curious structure. It includes the Transrift Escort Fleet: these are small vessels about the size of a patrol cruiser that accompany convoys. It also includes the grandiosely named Transrift Light Marines. Some units of these are actually fully qualified as that others are simply warehouse security. The TLM is formidable enough to be of some use during a riot or political turmoil in which Transrift personal and passengers are threatened and both the TEF and TLM have gotten some experience during the rough trade wars in which "Jardines" became the market leader on parts of the Great Rift Route. Finally there is the Transrift Secret Service which conducts intelligence and covert operations. All these usually swear feudal fealty to the chairman of the board who conveniently is usually Prince of the Caledonians, a favored Derbsman/Derbswoman or Noble, or the Aslan Fleet Dispatcher for that sector of the route. This is a convenient means similar to that used by several megacorporations to keep hired muscle under control. Equally a deliberately constructed myth of the romance of "Jardines" is built up for similar purpose. It is a formula several times used to win the esprit de corps of personal and it works here.

Another element is the Transrift Star Fencibles. This includes any volunteers among personal and passengers at need for military and other emergency services. As the Transrift still sells transport and assistance for Ihaiti as one of it's main services that naturally means males of a would-be colonial expedition who are naturally a formidable lot and have an even more formidable legend. The TSF also includes the weapons department of large armed merchant ships which in convoy can generate fire that while not something to deter a large fleet would give pause to corsairs.

Other elements include Crown detachment. These originally included Royal Caledonian Naval and Marine personal but now also includes personal from other interested governments. These come and go and sometimes are an awkward fit being sent to provide for their own interests rather than that of Jardines. Also rather bizarrely but conveniently, condottieri hired along the way are included as "crown detatchments".
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison

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