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Default Super Rocket - too risky?

EDIT: Dangit, wrong forum. Disregard.

I'm reading the last few stories in the Autoduel Tales anthology, and I hit the one where the ice cream truck has a hidden "supermissile". Looking in my UACFH I found that's probably the "Super Rocket". Fifteen THOUSAND dollars, one shot, NINE d6 damage. Wow.

9D6 isn't a confetti-ing autokill on most cars as far as I can tell, but it's still a LOT of damage. Expected value of 30.5 points.

For that kind of investment I wouldn't want to launch it until I was practically up my target's tailpipe.

Anybody have any stories about one of these things?

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Default Re: Super Rocket - too risky?

Originally Posted by HeatDeath View Post
Anybody have any stories about one of these things?
Well, there was Mike Garrity's _CW Tanks_ design with SRs to the 1/3-spaces limit.

"See that guy? [CENSORED] him, and everyone in his ZIP code."

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