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Default Re: [Basic] Advantage of the Week: Allies and Ally Group

Originally Posted by johndallman View Post
This may well be true. What I was trying to say was that doing the tailoring looks more fiddly than many kinds of GURPS advantage customisation, simply because the three separate advantages we have at present usually describe three different kinds of interaction from the characters' point of view. I wasn't saying it is impossible, only that it may be harder than it looks on the surface, and pointing out a reason why.
Thank you for clarifying; I can't say that I think it looks easy, but I do believe that even if difficult, it would be worthwhile. Actually, right now I am trying to think of what the actual division between Patron and Ally truly is: is it just that it is more acceptable for a Patron to take a "hands off" approach?

Example: Your Ally is a wizard built on the same points as you. If you're going dungeon diving and the GM rolls for the wizard's Frequency of Appearance check and makes it, you expect the wizard to accompany you unless there is a most excellent reason for the wizard to abstain. On the other hand, if the wizard is built on over 150% of your CP value, under the same circumstances it may even be surprising for the wizard to accompany you.

I guess I find this distinction to be significantly constraining and artificial: given that the GM needs to keep the game running smoothly, perhaps we all need to alter our expectations. If it will improve or at least not "break" the game, let the wizard that (under the current rules) would be a Patron join in the dungeon diving (assuming it fits the character as well). If the (under the current rules) Ally wizard would be an issue to take on this particular adventure, perhaps he is the one to give useful information, make useful arrangements, provide some equipment, etc.?
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