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Old 08-31-2022, 06:22 AM   #12
Philip Villarreal
Warehouse 23
Join Date: Jul 2017
Default Re: New Shopify Store!

Originally Posted by Archangel Beth View Post
I had thought I'd seen that exact tag on things earlier on the Shopify store, but I literally dug up the order that says I have GURPS Romulans, clicked on it, got to https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31884915048551 successfully, and If there's a tag there... Where should it be? (Is it my ancient browser that cannot find it?)

OH, interesting. I click on GURPS Classic: Aliens, and there's the big Already Purchased, nice and visible under its name.

So it's books-by-other-publishers (Amarillo Design Bureau in that case) that aren't working...? Ah, but no.

Okay, I am clicking from my "Orders" files on the Shopify site:

https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31887602483303 gets a 404 when I attempt to check its page.

https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31887593177191 is not marked as owned.
https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31887512666215 not marked.
GURPS Supporting Cast: Age of Sail Pirate Crew: not marked.
GURPS Fourth Edition Combat Cards not marked
GURPS Power-Ups 3: Talents not marked

GURPS Space 4e: Marked owned. that one, the commonality is that the ones with color covers are properly marked. All the others don't have fancy color covers.

But in the very next order, none of GURPS Classic Space Atlas 1-3, nor GURPS Supers (4e), are marked as owned, and they all have fancy covers.

Checking another order, and the "not-SJG" streak is broken:
https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31885249577063 is marked as owned.
Freebie https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31887593832551 is marked as owned.
Spell Charts: marked as owned.
Skill Categories: marked as owned.

https://sjg-warehouse-23.myshopify.c...31887444574311 has a 404.

...So it's kind of random for me. I'm not going to bombard you with the rest of the things that I'm clicking from my "your orders" lists that... aren't showing up as owned, but there's definitely more.

RANDOM BUG, WOOHOO! •hands over the booze•
This is helpful! Looks like the code I did works.... 1/2 the time! I'll have to dig more into each item and each order to see what is actually going on. Thanks again for digging through
Philip Villarreal
Warehouse 23 Manager
Steve Jackson Games
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