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Default Re: On the uselessness of a karate course in GURPS

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
Four hours a week is crap all. If you're serious about your martial arts training, you do at least an hour of practice daily - at home or at your school. Plus lessons.

If you just show up at class and go home, you're taking aerobics classes and probably learning Karate Sport.

This is speaking as someone who just showed up at class and went home. :) It was fitness training, good cardio. Also good for my general flexibility and mental health. That's not points in Karate.

Sounds like an opinion to me.... Just like a belly button.

I do eight hours of Muay Thai a week ATM the other student is doing twenty four. A lot of his extra time is 'JUST' fitness. We do a comparable amount of time in technique and sparring.

I assure you that you can learn important things even in brief drills. I still believe as with every skill I know the biggest learning step is always going from zero to something.

I don't know what the original poster meant be default character but sounds like they are unfamiliar with GURPS marital arts

Firstly instruction offer improved progression over self study.

Second what makes anyone think the skill learnt is Karate?

I'd say a large part of my study has been buying off unfit, removing some quirks about fighting and buying style familiarity.

Style familiarity makes a lot of sense for Karate sport because of the katas.

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