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Default Massive Collection of SJGames, including Many OOP titles

Hi All,

I'm moving overseas, which necessitates that I get rid of 95% of my gaming collection. This is hard, as it's like losing old friends, but I want my games to be in the hands of people who enjoy them as much as I do.

Ridiculously low starting bids! Combined shipping! Customized products for greater durability!

Board Games:
Dork Tower OOP
Awful Green Things from Outer Space
Greed Quest OOP
Strange Synergy OOP
Deadlands Frag OOP
Tom Wham's Snits OOP
Illuminati, Y2K, Brainwash, and Bavarian Fire Drill
Hacker Deluxe Edition OOP
Ninja Burger & Sumo Size Me
Frag Gold Edition
Munchkin Quest, Looking for Trouble, and Promos
Chez Geek, Block Party, & Slack Attack (New)
Almost Everything for Car Wars 5th Edition

Licensed GURPS:
GURPS Deadlands
GURPS Conspiracy X
GURPS Alpha Centauri
GURPS Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, oWoD

GURPS Magic 4E
GURPS Bio-Tech 4E
GURPS Ultra-Tech 4E
GURPS Martial Arts 4E
GURPS High Tech 4E
GURPS Thaumatology 4E
GURPS Space 4E
GURPS Banestorm
GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars
GURPS Powers
GURPS Infinite Worlds
GURPS Fantasy 4E
GURPS Basic Set I & II
Customized GURPS Basic Set I & II and GM Screen
GURPS Character Assistant 4E
GURPS Power Ups 1 Imbuements
GURPS Mysteries
GURPS Supers 4E
GURPS Spaceships
GURPS for Dummies

Transhuman Space
THS Corebook and Changing Times
8 THS Books

Robin's Laws
Suppressed Transmission
Authentic Thaumaturgy
Murphy's Rules & Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming
Cardboard Heroes Complete Set
GURPS Traveller Deck Plans
Cardboard Heroes Castles, Walls & Towers, The Keep, Modern Characters
Cardboard Heroes Castles, Walls & Towers, Modern Characters

There are also non-SJG games, fiction, movies, and more. Check it out!
"No one ever sold newspapers by telling you the truth; life just ain't that bad."
-Warren Ellis
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