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David Johansen
Join Date: Dec 2005
Default Re: How do you handle Affliction: Destiny?

In the later Dune books "The Atredies Manifesto" puts forward the idea that prescience actually imposes a future on the universe rather than seeing it. The Sister Superior of the Bene Gessert is firmly of the belief that the spark of Leto II's consciousness in the new sand worms is actually holding humanity to his golden path even after his death.

So, very large area effect Affliction: Destiny.
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Default Re: How do you handle Affliction: Destiny?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Affliction: Destiny doesn't work that well for a geas, but it does a decent job for curses, which frequently are in the form of "You will suffer bad thing X", with neither method nor timeframe specified.
That's pretty much how I would treat it. If it had a duration, you'd want to avoid reasons for it to come true until it expired. I'd let the caster use any suitably generic curse when invoking the destiny (i.e. "Die Alone", "Suffer a serious loss", "You shall have no peace", "No profit for you") which could be fulfilled in a number of ways (up to the GM).
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powers, question

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