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Moe Lane
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Default Attuned [5pt/level]

Attuned (5pt/level)

This general, well, Attunement gives +1 per level (max 6) to any mundane action that can be credibly argued to be in the service of the Superior granting Attuned. It does not give a similar bonus to Songs, resonances, or any other supernatural activities. Attuned can be bought after character creation, but mortals may not receive this Attunement unless they have been given a Force from a celestial.

It is possible to have Attuned from multiple Superiors, although not from both Archangels AND Demon Princes. Many Archangels will grant this Attunement as a reward to worthy angels serving different Words; Demon Princes are more likely to use Attuned as a way to steal promising demons away from their rivals. Also, significantly better behavior is expected from Servitors possessing Attuned when it comes to promoting their Superior’s Word.

PDF here.

[Based on some thoughts here.]
Moe Lane


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