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Default Re: Does GURPS need original-setting world books?

Originally Posted by Agemegos
I reckon that the best approach is to pick a point in time, or a stretch of time with an established time-line, and stick to it. The core setting book ought to amount to an introduction and summary that remains valid and adequate even as the supplements and adventures are published. Supplements ought to flesh things out, fill in detail. They ought not to change anything or add major features.
Yes, but. This approach means much lower sales, and hence that the line will not get many supplements. You are essentially constrained by definition to stuff that isn't all that important, and hence probably won't be on the must have list of your fans. And the best approach, focusing by region, is particularly vulnerable to this. Your existing fans have started a campaign and either made up the necessary stuff that wasn't in the core rules for the region they are playing in (and your new region book for it is useless since it contradicts what they are already doing) or else your new region book is useless since their campaign isn't set there.

If you are frozen in time it's even worse, as their campaigns long ago ran on into the future, so even if they plan to use the region your new book covers, they have no use for detailed information about how the locals are reacting to a recent major event from the core rules that is long over in their campaign. But yeah, if you have a meta-plot, you need an outline and timeline for the whole thing in the core book. It's then possible to run the campaign in the same mode as a historical game, and the GM can at least consider whether he wants to run an alternate timeline or if he should just fudge the die rolls when the PCs accidentally kill Sir Modred at his first tournament.
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