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Default Time for my 360 Review

Ok, gang. I need your help again.

Some of you may be familiar with this concept from your own work experiences; I know it is a common practice in my "other" work environment. The idea is that there should be an annual opportunity to solicit feedback from everyone with whom you work directly - those you report to, those you work with side-by-side, and those who report to you.

I did something similar last year, both here and on BGG, which I found exceptionally helpful. So I am doing it again. I'd like to believe that I'm am fulfilling your wishes in shepherding the Ogre line, but I won't know unless I ask. So, to that end . . .

How am I doing?

More to the point, are there things that I could do better? Am I focusing too much on one thing and not enough on another? How is my level of communication - here, on BGG, during Kickstarters? Are there things you want to see more of? Less of? Are we/am I hitting it square on the head?

I know I started a thread on what you'd like to see next, and this is not to duplicate that thread (please post your wonderful ideas there!). Rather, this is my attempt at getting feedback on how I specifically, and SJGames by extension, are either meeting, or failing to meet, your goals for the game.

Praise and positive feedback is obviously welcome, but I will get better at supporting you and the game if you let me know where I'm dropping the ball. Constructive criticism is so much more valuable than platitudes.

So . . . what do you think? Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses.


PS - I'm posting an identical thread on the BGG forums - you only need to respond on one thread. I will be monitoring both. Thanks!

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