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jason taylor
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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

Development of two concepts thought of earlier:

The Otherside Route

This is a frontier zone to GSouth of the Zhodani consulate. It receives it's name from it's dependency on a trade route with a mysterious civilization on the "otherside" of the Zho. There are numerous theories of the nature of this civilization. The most mundane of these is just that it is the Coreward Zhodani but many of the goods that come down the Route are not of Zho make at all. Others say it is an undiscovered race of Humaniti, or the Droyne homeworld, or many another speculation of varying degrees of plausibility. There is a plentiful supply of trade going down the route from a relay system that resembles the contacts between the Zho and the Vilani or the pre-Imperial Syleans and the Vilani in the last stages of the Long Night. To support this there are scattered high TL civilizations, both human and alien some of which are, extremely curious. This is one of the few areas of virgin territory known in the Imperium and is of immense interest to Scouts and adventurous traders. Population is low except in well protected and isolated settlements because of the continual Vargr raids but it is generally held that a determined effort may correct this. To enable this, Archduke Norris and several other rulers have given Ihaiti vassalships and provided transit rights, subsidies, equipment and other such necessities to would be Aslan colonizers in the hope not only of developing the Otherside Route but continuing Norris' secret policy of establishing an Aslan tripwire(see below) between the Imperium and the Vargr.
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