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Default Re: Zombies and Doorknobs

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
Yeah, the 'velociraptors' in Jurassic Park are more like smart, featherless utahraptors, IIRC. I guess 'velociraptor' just sounds cooler.
I had always thought the "velociraptors" from Jurassic Park were more akin to Deinonychus, but looking up some size comparisons online, it looks like Utahraptor is a lot closer, albeit perhaps a bit on the large size (then again, that may be because Jurassic Park used the "shrink-wrap" look for its dinosaurs, as was the style at the time). Both Deinonychus and Utahraptor are probably large enough to be able to open doors without needing to jump first, although the former may have better luck using its head than it's "hands" for the task (honestly, so might the latter).

As for being featherless, well, like the "shrink-wrap" look that was the style at the time of the book being written and the original movie being made. Heck, there are still people who adamantly insist that no dinosaur had feathers, although from what I understand, that's generally more "I want dinosaurs to look like the depictions of them when I was growing up" than anything really evidence based (but I haven't exactly dug deeply into the archeological record, and don't have a dog in the fight... aside from thinking raptors who use Wing Assisted Incline Running would be awesome).
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