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Default Re: [RPM] Create Zombie/Undead/Etc.

Originally Posted by Sunrunners_Fire View Post
A very, very, long duration. A few billion years should be reasonably sufficient. Heh.
This is exactly why there are rules for prolonging durations.

"I'll animate a zombie for a month; I'm sure he'll be hacked to pieces long before then."

<a month passes>

"Wow, I didn't even realize how long old Freddie here has been around! Okay, guess I'll extend this another month. Wonder if he'll still be here."
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Default Re: [RPM] Create Zombie/Undead/Etc.

Originally Posted by PK View Post
For the record, I disagree with this. There are no permanent creations in RPM
Well, yes unless you have a way to do it that isn't via creation. If you use Control (move) spirit to summon a spirit which by its nature inhabits corpses, you get a zombie that stays around until that spirit leaves. This presumes the existence of such a spirit, of course. If the setting has infectious zombi-ism (or vampirism, or whatever) you could probably Control the infectious agent (the Control itself has a duration limit, of course, so after it wears off your new zombie is likely to wander off and eat the neighbors or something).

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