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Default Powers, Classes, Races and Mojo's oh my!

my friends and I are pretty hooked on Munchkin and play a good size 5-6 person game at least twice a week. our favorite deck combo is Zombie and Space, both unexpanded.
my question regards the use of Race, class, mojo and power. what is comprable between decks.
the rules are unclear on how they can be used togther and we have ruled as follows:
so you cant stack powers based on level and class because a super strong atomic feline psychic is just to damn beefy.
what is the official ruling on these?
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Default Re: Powers, Classes, Races and Mojo's oh my!

Mojo = Mojo
Power = Power
Race = Race
Class = Class

So you can have a tough voodoo feline trader if you wanted too.

Basically in all the sets if it says something different it's different. If you combined Zombies and Super you'd have powers, mojos & classes. If you combine regular and Star you'd just have races and classes.
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Default Re: Powers, Classes, Races and Mojo's oh my!

You can also find useful information for blending decks in the rules for Munchkin 7:Cheat With Both Hands.
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class/race, mojo, powers, space, zombie

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