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Mark Skarr
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Blue Rose: "The bad news is I rolled really bad for healing, only 10 points. The good news is I don't have very many hit points and being at -1 means I'm down 9 HP."
GM: "You don't have very many hit points."


Rhod: "I heard 'lock it in a horse shape."
Blue Rose (OOC): "Naaaaaaay!"


Dr. Zelinka: "It's possible this stone could be refined and carved into eyes for the statue."
Blue Rose: "Let's not, and never bring that idea up again."
Dr. Zelinka: "But think of the possibilities!"
Blue Rose: "The last time someone said that, the answer was 'Ali, throw this into the Sun.'"


Urban Phoenix: "I resist the urge to hit it with my tonfa."
Blue Rose: "It may not react well to that."
Urban Phoenix: "That's why I resist doing it."
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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Mark: Im Batman in the streets, Han Solo in the sheets!
Chaos: I hate you. (Repeated four or five times.)
Mark: Im sorry I broke you.
Raquel: Thats not how that works . . ..
Daska (OOC): Is that the name of this session?
Melissa (OOC): Thats the name of this campaign.
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actual play, funny

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