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Default Re: Ideas Are Easy

The Player Characters are personalities implanted in the subconscious of otherwise very civilian "sleeper agents". Their handlers can activate them remotely (be that through technological or supernatural means) when they need a job done and the sleepers are in the area. The personalities turn their "hosts" into high-end action heroes, but don't get to share any of the host's knowledge Their handlers try to minimize the knowledge the sleepers need to get the job done.

The Campaign starts as a series of action scenes, but the starting situations when the sleepers "wake up" get odder and odder, like waking up already in a fight, or just before they undergo surgery. And it seems that their hosts are catching on to what's happening, and taking measures to prevent the sleeper from actually doing anything. Or possibly even working for the other side. Whoever that is.

Originally Posted by RyanW View Post
If such an organization exists, there is no doubt at least one pair of mercenaries roaming around on the run from just about everyone, incredibly skilled and fiercely loyal to one another.
Where would you insert the players? as one of the teams going through training? As the loyal pair on the run? As law enforcement dealing with the assassins? As self-appointed heroes stopping this menace?
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