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Vulcan Stev
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Default Revised Rules for Farm Tractors


These rules were originally published to this Forum back in 2009 and shortly thereafter to my now defunct NING Car Wars Blog. Thank you to owenmp for archiving the old NING blog and recovering this rule set. I am currently putting together counters and a vehicle info sheet for tractors and am requesting one last look over from the board before I republish this to my current blog.

Thank you

<--------Begin Farm Tractor Rules--------->

Tractors are not vehicles made for dueling. Rather farmers and corporate farms have armed their tractors in an effort to defend themselves against gang activity while traveling to the field and while actually out in the field. Tractors are, at their most basic level, portable power sources. Tractors provide the propulsion and energy for the tools a farmer needs to plant and harvest the crops.

In the early 21st century, farmers needed protection from marauding gangs seeking whatever food sources they could find. Due to the limited availability of space in those tractors with enclosed driver areas, farmers would mount whatever weapons they could find on the exterior of their tractors. This practice is still followed today.

Today, Tractors come stock from the manufacturer with external weapon pods and turrets that the farmer customizes as he sees fit.

Tractors are built using normal construction rules with the following additions and changes:

Body Style, Chassis, and Suspension are all based on which power plant you are using, Regular and Large and are included in the base price of the tractor. PTO, running lights, standard agri-computer, GPS, and standard CB radio are included in the base price. Large tractors may mount two side-by-side tires in the rear. Handling class for tractors is always 0. Cockpits have space for the farmer and space for a turret mounted on the roof. Suspension is always considered as off-road. Minor terrain features have no effect on tractors. Any 0-space gear upgrades can be added to a tractor cockpit. Any external gear upgrades can be added so long as it balances out (ie a winch can be added to the front). However, external gear is added at the expense of weapons pods. Dropped Gas or Dropped Liquid pods can be added to the rear if the tractor is not towing equipment.

Regular Tractor: Base Cost, $45,000; Weight, 15,000; Armor Cost/Wt, $30/14
Large Tractor: Base Cost, $65,000; Weight, 20,000; Armor Cost/Wt, $32/15

Tractor Cabs come in three sizes 3-space, 5-space, and 6-space and are available for both tractor frames. A 3-space cab has space for the farmer and 1 or 2 spaces of weapons or gear depending on the Farmers body armor and is included in the base price of the tractor. A 5-space cab is a a 3-space cab with a 2-space turret mounted. Add $1,500 to the base price for a 5-space cab. A 6-space cab is a 3-space cab with a 3-space turret mounted. Add $2,500 to the base price for a 6-space cab

Power Plants come in two sizes; regular and large. The difference determines the total amount of weight allowed and power available for the PTO. The power plant is always mounted in the front of the tractor ahead of the cockpit.

Regular tractor power plant: DP, 18; max tractor weight 25,000 lbs, max pull load 25,000 lbs
Large tractor power plant: DP, 20; max tractor weight 40,000 lbs, max pull load 40,000 lbs
Power Plants are mounted outside the tractor cab and do not take up "space".

Armor is currently only available only in plastic. Armor is mounted top, bottom, front, and both sides of the power plant. Armor is mounted front, back, top, bottom and sides of the cockpit. Armor on the cockpits front, back and sides is clear so the farmer can have a full field of vision

Tractor Tires come in three styles: heavy duty, puncture resistant, and solid. Tractor tires are targeted at +2 because they are so large.
HD Tires $350 / 90lbs / 15DP
PR Tires $700 / 110lbs / 25DP
Solid Tires $1,050 / 150lbs / 35DP

*Note* Tractor Tires are the Monster Truck Tires from ADQ 8/4 p.24

Weapons are mounted externally in weapons pods and turrets. Turrets can only be mounted on the roof of the cockpit. Single forward mounted weapons can be mounted to the top of the power plant armor. Balanced pods (one each side) can be mounted to the power plants armor. There is no space on the tractor for any weapon system that cannot be mounted in a turret or external weapon pod.

Acceleration: Tractors are geared for power distribution and not for speed. Acceleration is 2.5 mph and a tractor’s top speed is 25 mph in the field while working whether towing equipment or not, 30 mph on the road pulling equipment, 40 mph on the open road with no equipment in tow.

Control Roles: follow standard rules for oversized vehicles.

Characters: Anyone that can drive a truck can drive a tractor at a -1 to their truck driving skill. Farming is new skill; Planting, Agriculture knowledge, Minor field repairs and farm vehicle operations are included in the farming skill. Farmers can drive any over size vehicle at -1 to their farming skill. It is permissible to have both farming and trucking skill. Many Farmers do need to drive their crops to market and own a tractor trailer combo as well.

Questions posted and asked from the forum and blog:

What is a PTO?
Power Take Off, basically the shaft which allows the tractor to power the towed equipment.

Can tractor power plants be modified with PCs, SCs, or ISCs? Overdrive?
Can they? Yes. From the manufacturer? No. Do most farmers need them? No Are there farmers playing with these modifications? Yes and we will delve into what they do when we polish and revive our tractor pull rules.

How much power do power plants provide via the PTO?
Enough to power pulled equipment such as spreaders, plows, seeders, etc. It isn't necessary for combat or maneuvers so it was glossed over for simplicity.

Are there any rules for gas engines?
I toyed with gas engines and felt that since gas is so prohibitively expensive in 2057 (now 2073) that Farmers and Corporate Farms wouldn't mess with the cost.

Rules for tractor pulls?
Coming soon. I just need to get them polished and re-published.

Rules for towed machinery?
Nothing as yet. Follow rules for towed trailers for maneuvers. And as of now no weapons can be mounted on towed field equipment.
Vulcan Stev
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