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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by Sinzarious View Post
Valford nods and smirks when Vorno mentions the rivalry. As Vorno goes over the quirks of HIS (Fore/Upper/Starboard) reactor, Valford Pays attention and even pulls out pad to jot down notes if Vorno seems to be paying particular mind to a certain aspect of its operation. He asks questions occasionally along in the lecture to give the impression of his desire for knowledge as well as let him know that he is a team player and wants his team to preform well.

Val also wants to know who he will be working with and so asks for an introduction should they meet with anyone on his team. Also keeping an eye out for anyone that might be on the opposing reactor, even though he doubts he will see any of them since they work in separate areas. Keeping that in mind for when they might cross paths in the mess.
Each reactor has two people watching it at any given moment, plus three managers over the whole set. There are three shifts. So its just Valford and Vorno over this reactor. They've got seven coworkers on the upper reactor crew (including the upper reactors manager) and four compatriots who work the same reactor on different shifts. Vorno points each of them out. The manager is Thie (pronounced like 'thigh') Zuchi, a heavy set man who always seems to be scowling.

He also points out Zorni Borbithu, the senior tech on the rival reactor. Mr. Borbithu has a mechanical eye and long thin limbs. He speaks easily and quietly.

You certainly have the opportunity to cross paths with them in the mess: you all eat in the same crowded room at the same assigned times, and until the hydrogen bricks start moving, you'll spend a good deal of your free time in there as well.
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