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Default Finer levels for Resistant? Is Immunity effectively +10 or +15?

Hey, all!

I could've sworn that I saw something about finer levels for Resistant in response to the change in the Dungeon Fantasy RPG that made Resistant to Poison and Resistant to Disease each worth 1 point/level. And I could've sworn that whether Immunity was essentially Resistant 10 or Resistant 15 was part of that too, or maybe I saw that in a supplement somewhere.

Either way, how would you handle it? Having Resistant to Poison and Resistant to Disease points to Immunity being either Resistant 10 or Resistant 15 since, in the Basic Set, Immunity to Poison is 15 points while Immunity to Disease is 10 points. Of course, neither perfectly fits either way as Resistant isn't set up to follow a linear pattern.

Maybe it makes more sense to look at the established rarities. How many points per +1 to HT rolls is rare, occasional, common, and very common worth? Or do you think that this is a bad idea, and that Resistant should have a non-linear cost?

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