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Default Re: In Nomine....does it have a "Pro-Heaven" bias?

Originally Posted by alexondria View Post
You can definitely do different themes.

Afterlife: In canon devoted pagans can end up in the ethereal realms of the god they followed.

My most successful game started with Fall of the Malakite and took a hard left out of canon. The rough theme of my game was a group of Angels and Demons that had to work together for trumped up reasons discovering that both Heaven and Hell had lost sight of what they were fighting for. Demons had started fighting the noble fight for freedom and free will. Angels had started fighting the noble fight for justice and compassion. Sadly at the current point in history they'd both lost sight of that and were just fighting to win. Demons were torturing souls for essence. Angels were allowing killing they should have stopped because it was for the greater good. The party actually ended up rallying the ethereals with Isis to force a new power structure for humanities benefit.
That's the subtext of my current PbP, that fighting for principle has devolved into mere war and the ethereals are taking advantage of that. My ethereals, however, are no better than who they're fighting. I've watched too much horror again...

Originally Posted by Moonsight View Post
Now I want to ask, does every single Demon do this or do they have to the "backstabbing" mentality? Of course when playing Demon characters, are you forced to turn on humans or each other that trusted you?

Making Demons backstabby that would turn on you makes them shallow characters in my opinion.
They typically are NPCs in my games, so that's part of it. NPCs tend to be shallower than PCs as a rule.

The backstabby thing isn't an every time thing, it's an every demon eventually thing. Forced would be rare--say a Prince threatens to frappe a demon if he doesn't turn on an ally. The player wouldn't be forced, but I'd remind him that his character is always looking out for Number One, and if his 'friend' is in the way of his long-term benefit then said friend is getting a knife in the back. Demons to me don't make sacrifices without a definite payoff in mind.

Your darkness level may vary.
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